My favorite face sunscreen

Daily skincare routine! Let’s see…removing my makeup, check! Washing my face, check! Applying moisturizer, check! Ok, I am ready now! Am I?… Of course I am not!

One thing I can not live without is sunscreen! But is it so important? As we all know, the ozone layer is depleting and the harmful rays of the sun can cause cancer and make the skin look discolored, dry, blotched and prematurely aged. So this is why the use of sunscreen is necessary every day!

The one I am using at the moment for my face is by Frezyderm and it is truly incredible! The texture is so velvety and matifying, that you can’t even feel it in your skin. It has SPF 30, which offers high protection, it is water resistant, paraben free and the packaging is very useful and chic, if you compare it with other sunscreens. The only thing I don’t like so much is the scent, which is not so overpowering, so I can handle it!

I think that this particular sunscreen is amazing, but honestly no matter which suncream you’ll choose, remember to protect your skin from the sun and show the love it deserves!


Current makeup favorites

So, let me tell you what I am loving at the moment…
1. Golden and black soft eyeliner pencil from Korres ( I love using the gold one in the inner corners!)
2. The body shop bronzer ( I like the fact that it is matte)
3. White musk perfume oil from The Body Shop ( best scent EVER!!!)
4. A random but really cute baby blue eyelash curler from Tiger
5. Heat protective cream from Kerastase ( the scent is amazing and I always find that a cream works better than a spray)
6. Maybelline the rocket mascara ( not the best mascara I’ve tried, but it stays all day without smudging!)

So dear friends, these are some of the things I really like and enjoy using almost every day! I would be really happy to know about your favorites!
Have fun and remember to smile!