50 Things That Make Me Happy – Part 1

I was tagged by the wonderful blogger- Youtuber Claire Elsley to make this post. You should check her blog and Youtube channel if you hadn’t already because the content is amazing! Love her!

So for this tag I simply have to make a list of 50 things that make me happy! In order to be easier for you to read, I am going to split it into two parts. Enjoy the first one!

  1. My parents – I love them to infinity and beyond

  2. Family gathering

  3. Coffee

  4. Music – I can’t imagine my life without music

  5. Spotify – my favorite music app

  6. Playing my piano

  7. Dancing – it lifts me up!

  8. Watching a good movie while eating pizza

  9. Babies – is there anything cuter?

  10. Travelling – exploring new places!

  11. Hanging out with my friends

  12. Playing tennis

  13. A good tv series – who else loves Game of Thrones? (Team Stark!!)

  14. Jewelry – I have an obsession with rings

  15. Puppies

  16. Nail art and nail polishes

  17. Walking by the sea

  18. Souvlaki gyros – a Greek delicious food! You should taste it!

  19. TumblrThe Diary of Margaret

  20. Making other people laugh

  21. Decorating a space

  22. That feeling of euphoria after a workout

  23. Taking pictures

  24. Cozy sweaters and beanies during wintertime

  25. Food – yes, I am a foodie!

I hope the post reminded you some of the things that make you happy, too! Part 2 coming soon!!

Till then live every second and remember to smile!




Goodbye Robin Williams…

Today, i woke up and checked my Twitter just to find out that Robin Williams was found dead…

Words cannot describe how i felt…devastated… One of the greatest actors of all time, one of my favorites is lost. I am not here to find out the reasons, but to remember his excellent work, his unique performances that made all of us laugh and cry, too.

Robin McLaurin Williams was born in Chicago, Illinois, on July 21, 1951. Despite the fact that he was a quiet and shy kid, he attained a scholarship to Juilliard and graduated in 1976.

He started his career as a stand-up comedian, beginning his comedy tours in the early 1970s. Later on, as his audience became bigger, he participated in many television shows such as ”The Richard Pryor Show” on NBC, ”Mork & Mindy” and ”Friends”. He appeared at Lincoln Center with Steve Martin and headlined a one-man show in Broadway (Robin Williams: Live on Broadway). Of course, we cant’ forget that this man is also a big part of our childhood memories, as he gave his voice to Genie in the animated Disney film ”Alladin” and inducted as a Disney Legend. Except of all that, Robin Williams is mostly known from his films, and the variety of the roles he personated, both comedic and dramatic. He was Popeye, a Soviet Russian circus musician in Moscow on the Hudson, he was our captain and taught us the idea of carpe diem in Dead Poets Society. We flew with him when he played Peter Pan, we laughed with him when he became the lovely Mr. Doubtfire, we lived an adventure in Jumanji and we cried in Good Will Hunting….

In other words this one of a kind actor, this lovely, intelligent human, with his outstanding performances and the truly unique personality filled our heart with emotions! We will always remember him as one of the greatest actors of all time!

Rest in Peace Robin