50 Things That Make Me Happy – Part 1

I was tagged by the wonderful blogger- Youtuber Claire Elsley to make this post. You should check her blog and Youtube channel if you hadn’t already because the content is amazing! Love her!

So for this tag I simply have to make a list of 50 things that make me happy! In order to be easier for you to read, I am going to split it into two parts. Enjoy the first one!

  1. My parents – I love them to infinity and beyond

  2. Family gathering

  3. Coffee

  4. Music – I can’t imagine my life without music

  5. Spotify – my favorite music app

  6. Playing my piano

  7. Dancing – it lifts me up!

  8. Watching a good movie while eating pizza

  9. Babies – is there anything cuter?

  10. Travelling – exploring new places!

  11. Hanging out with my friends

  12. Playing tennis

  13. A good tv series – who else loves Game of Thrones? (Team Stark!!)

  14. Jewelry – I have an obsession with rings

  15. Puppies

  16. Nail art and nail polishes

  17. Walking by the sea

  18. Souvlaki gyros – a Greek delicious food! You should taste it!

  19. TumblrThe Diary of Margaret

  20. Making other people laugh

  21. Decorating a space

  22. That feeling of euphoria after a workout

  23. Taking pictures

  24. Cozy sweaters and beanies during wintertime

  25. Food – yes, I am a foodie!

I hope the post reminded you some of the things that make you happy, too! Part 2 coming soon!!

Till then live every second and remember to smile!